Green wedding

Green Wedding in Italy

A green wedding or an eco-friendly wedding is a wedding, where the couple intends to decrease the ecological impact of their Big Day on the planet.
There are plenty of reasons for a green wedding to cut down on waste. The largest factor that contributes to the growing number of green weddings is the impact that a wedding celebration can have on the environment.
Planning a green wedding doesn't have to be harder than planning a less environmentally friendly affair.

How do you create your green wedding….?

Wedding ring
There are many beautiful diamond wedding rings in antique stores. Certainly, you can purchase a new one, but make sure that your diamond is collected in a socially responsible manner. You can also consider gemstone instead of diamond that is more ethically sourced.

A large amount of paper used for weddings, mostly because of the invitations. The best way to save paper to create beautiful and stylish electronic invitations instead of the paper ones.

Wedding dress
You can be stylish and eco-friendly at the same with retro fashion choices. You can borrow a dress from a family member/friend or purchase it from a vintage store. Antique veils are timeless and give a magical detail to a unique look. After your wedding day, you can give or sell your wedding dress to another bride and create less wedding waste in the process.

An important side of a green wedding are the flowers. Using local blooms in the bouquets and floral decor is a great way to cut costs and participate in sustainable floral practices. Hire potted flowers, orchids, small trees from local florist for decoration, which can be replanted after the big day to minimize waste and allow the flowers to continue to grow afterwards. Use fresh rose petals, instead of paper confetti at the ceremony.

Wedding ceremony & reception
Organize your wedding ceremony and the reception at the same place. This will cut down on carbon emissions from guest and vendor transportation. If you can accommodate your ceremony and/or reception outside that will cut down on electricity usage.

Another option that contributes to a green wedding, is to rent items needed for the day instead of buying all new equipment/decorations, thus limiting the amount of waste that could be created. If you want to buy wedding decoration, think about choosing items that will look great in your home after your wedding, i.e candle holders, mirrors, lanterns, glass vases, lights etc. If something doesn't fit to your home, you can still donate it.

Food & drink
A new wedding trend is to set up a long buffet table for your Big Day to reduce waste. Certainly, in Italy the price is higher for a buffet style wedding, but you can be sure that this is the best option for a green wedding. This colorful setup lets guests nibble on multiple menu items from the same display, rather than separating each dish. You can get creative, even opt for a fruit and veggie-only display. Serve organic alcohol. It has no pesticides, fertilizers, dyes, so the ingredients come from environmentally friendly sources. You can choose a cupcake or lemon delight wedding cake! Get a small, little cake for everybody and you will not waste anything.

Say thank you to your guests with edible favors served in reusable containers such as mason jars, liquors, biscuits. Consider getting jam jars, limoncello or honey from a nearby farm so your guests can get a local taste. Make charity donation to a fondation in the name of your guests, as a wedding favour.

Presents to the Bride & Groom
You can consider a charity present as part of your big day, instead of material gifts. This allows you and your guests to donate to good causes, which are close to your heart, especially foundations supporting the environment or an animal welfare.

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