Wedding proverbs

Wedding proverbs for your special day

The proverbs contain the so-called "wisdom of the people",  we have collected some on the marriage taken from various countries

  • Rain on the day you get married brings good luck
  • Neither marriage nor war will go away once you start.
  • A good wife makes a good husband.
  • A good wife is the key to a good home.
  • Don't meddle in a quarel between a husband and his wife
  • The beautiful roses during May are a brides great joy.
  • Romantic love is a lightning bolt. Married love is an electric current.
  • Marriage is a mirror in which one sees a reflection of oneself.
  • Love and marriage, is like horse and carriage.
  • A happy man marries the girl he loves, but a happier man loves the girl he marries.
  • In marriage, tears and smiles make the music of life.
  • Fall seven times and stand up eight (Japanese Proverb)
  • A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person