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Weddings in Rome

Weddings in Rome

Rome, the Eternal City!

One of the most important Capitals of the world. Rome is a cosmopolitan and dynamic town. Appealing monuments that make you re-vive the splendours of the Roman Empire with its monumental churches and its historical palaces rich in extraordinary works of art like many masterpieces by the great Michelangelo.
Rome is also the heart of Christianity, the seat of the Catholic Church, is the place where history, faith, and art combine in a unique synthesis of majesty and beauty.

Civil Weddings in Rome are celebrated in:
- Charming little Villa just out of the centre of town surrounded by a beautiful Park. The marriage hall is a little 19th century Chapel with frescoes and antique furniture. The hall is small and intimate
- Complesso Vignola Mattei, in front of Terme di Caracalla, formerly known as Santa Maria in Tempulo. Currently deconsecrated and owned by the City of Rome, the building still contains on the inside some signs of the old Church structure. In particular, the bell tower and some internal frescoes dated XI century make the Complesso Vignola Mattei a simple, small and harmonious place to celebrate a Wedding.

Religious Weddings in Rome are celebrated in different Churches:
- Church of St Anne of the Palafrieneri, in the Vatican City, near the Porta Angelica, the main gate entrance to the small State. The interior, built to Vignola's design, is elliptical with side chapels. Later, it was re-decorated in the Baroque style
- Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, the largest church in the area, located on the left bank of the Trastevere River in a beautiful and lively Piazza. The Mosaics are medieval, probably from the 12th century. There are sarcophagi from 3rd and 4the century.
- Church of Santa Maria Liberatrice near the Roman Forum, located in the very heart of Rome, surrounded by the ancient ruins. Very impressive exterior, simple façade contrasting with the very decorative interior. Magnificent views.
- Church of Ara Coeli, Roman Church on one of the Roman Hills. Located in a beautiful corner of Rome on a high hill offering incredible views of the Eternal City. Outside is impressive. In an elegant and charming Roman Square from above a beautiful stairway, it appears with its ancient majesty.

Villa Lais
Piazza G. Cagliero, 20 -  Roma

Complesso Vignola Mattei
Via delle Terme di Caracalla, 52 - Roma