Wedding Favors

The Wedding Favors, Bomboniere in Italy, are a remember of the wedding and a gift to offer to guests to thank them for having taken part at their happiness.

There are different types, ranging from traditional to the most innovative, reflect the taste of the couple and should be an object that remains over time and that it is useful.
Should be combined with a bag that will hold the confetti, which must be of odd numbers, and a card with a printed the name of the bride and groom, no last name, and with the wedding date.
For a wedding abroad would be nice to use as wedding favors something typical that remember the place of marriage.

To give an Italian touch at your wedding serve "Wedding Candy" (Confetti) to your guests during the reception.

Traditionally five almonds are presented to each recipient and are intended to represent fertility, happiness, health, longevity, and wealth. Since fresh almonds are slightly bitter, the sugar coating is supposed to represent the sweetness of the union that makes life less bitter.