Music is one of the most crucial elements of your wedding day, which can really make it unique & magical. 

Your musical choice depends on your taste as a couple, your wedding ceremony & reception venue and the formality of your day. You can choose anything from a traditional, formal piece of music to something cheerful, and even something modern. 

We offer many different music options for your Big Day, you only need to share your ideas with us.

Wedding ceremony

The bridal party entrance and the first moment the groom sees his beautiful bride are truly magical moments in any wedding ceremony. To make it this more memorable and romantic, you only need to choose the best background music. Traditional mandolin & guitar duo, violinist but if you want a truly romantic atmosphere then a string quartet or a harp will really make it extra special.

Our professional musicians will play classical pieces on your chosen instrument as you walk down the aisle, then gentle background music until the end of the ceremony.  
If you have any special music that you would like to be played, just let us know.


  • Violin player
  • Electric Violin player
  • Mandolin player
  • Guitar player
  • Guitar & Mandolin duo
  • Guitar & Violin duo
  • Violin & Cello duo
  • Violin, Cello & Viola trio
  • Saxophone player
  • Harpist
  • Electric Strings trio
  • String Quartet


Welcome aperitif

This is the moment, when you can start to relax after the ceremony, welcome guests and celebration begins. You can create the atmosphere more unforgettable with the best music choice.


  • Saxophone player
  • Mandolin player
  • Violin player
  • Electric Violin
  • Guitar & Mandolin duo
  • Saxophone & Guitar duo acoustic
  • Electric Harp


First dance & Party time

You finished your wonderful wedding breakfast and you are ready for First dance as Husband & Wife.  The best advice is to do something meaningful for you as a couple.

And after….. get everybody to the dancefloor and starts the party. Create a playlist to cater for all your wedding party’s tastes.

It is the best day ever, don't forget to enjoy, relax and party!


  • DJ
  • Band (jazz, soul, pop)

Because in your dreams, every detail matters.