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Weddings in Ischia

Weddings in Ischia

Getting married on Ischia.

Ischia, the green island, the fountain of youth, the gem of the Bay of Naples, a little slice of paradise… there are many descriptions given over the years to this beautiful island in Southern Italy... all fully deserved

Ischia is a beautiful Volcanic Island in strategic position in the Bay of Naples, in front of the Phlegraean fields and Naples, not far from Capri and very close to Procida.

The green island, so called for the thick vegetation and its excellent vineyards, is famous  for its healing waters, the the blue of its crystal clear sea  and sensational beaches.
A slice of paradise with a magnetism that seduces its visitors… you will realize this as soon as you arrive and put your feet on the dock...  and when you leave you will take with you the intoxicating scent of jasmine and bougainvillea that color and perfume every corner of this splendid island.
Ischia with its timeless charm is the ideal setting for your wedding with a civil ceremony or simply a promise of marriage, an anniversary, a symbolic wedding.

Our proposal is a renowned 5-star hotel for your exclusive wedding, a dream location with one of the most beautiful views of Ischia, several breathtaking terraces surrounded by citrus and ancient olive trees, spa, 11 swimming pools, beach, restaurant.
In this hotel you can celebrate the civil ceremony with the mayor, the reception and stay you and your guests.