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Italy, perfect place

Italy, perfect place

7 reasons why Italy is the perfect place to get married

Italy offers a wide selection of destinations for your wedding, from the sea to the mountains, from the countryside to the cities, from breath-taking lakes to sandy beaches. A country where you can find the most beautiful places in the world, a true paradise for all kinds of weddings. 

1.       Great climate

Italy has beautiful weather: the summers are hot and dry; in spring and autumn, you can enjoy mild temperatures and blue skies. This helps you appreciate the amazing backdrop of your wedding day and honeymoon. Even if it does rain on your wedding, the Italian romantic atmosphere just seems to be enhanced. A famous Italian expression is “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata”, which means “A Wet Bride is a Lucky Bride.”


2.       Romance – Land of Amore 

Just think about Romeo & Juliet, the greatest love story ever told was set in Verona. Love and romance are in every corner of this country. From the scenery to the culture, it seems that everything about Italy draws couples passionately together. Therefore, it is hard to imagine a better place for a couple to start their life together as one!


3.       The culinary tradition

The Italian cuisine is famous all around the world with its many delicious dishes. Think about generous buffets of cured meats, cheeses and salads, freshly prepared pizza, pasta dishes or meat and fish courses. All these delicacies to which you can choose to add the handcrafted cakes. You really can’t go wrong with Italian food. You’re bound to settle on a delicious menu that will leave you wanting more! 


4.       Wine 
Italy has officially been recognized a leading country in wine production world-wide. We cannot forget the Italian Prosecco, the unique red & white wines. The refined local production is so vast that you will be able to choose the wine that perfectly suits your wedding.


5.       Unique locations

Italy is the country, where you can find amazing and unique wedding locations for all tastes. From stunning countryside and rolling hills to vineyards and wonderful beaches, Italy has the perfect solution for everyone. You can choose the romantic Venice with the lagoons or the historical Rome or the sunny Sorrentine coast with its beautiful landscape and its crystal-clear sea. No matter where you choose to host your ceremony, you can be sure that you will live an unforgettable day that your guests will keep talking about long after they return back home. 


6.       Warm Hospitality

Italians are known all over the world for their warm hospitality, their generous and positive attitude, their good humour, fascination and style. Italy is very colourful, full of life, with amazing people and places: an extremely fun place for you and all your guests on your dream wedding day. 


7.       Honeymoon destination

Italy is a true paradise for new-wedded couples. It offers so many fantastic things to see and do, whether you prefer to explore, eat or just relax – you will definitely find the perfect balance – even if as a couple you have different holiday styles. 
After your Big Day you can explore the treasures of different parts of Italy or choose to experience your wedding day and honeymoon in the same place. What else do you need? 


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